Kota Grills

The Kota Grill is a social grill and fire pit, all in one. Kota grills are designed and built
in Finland, by Polar Metalli, a family-owned Grill maker in the heart of Finnish Lapland. With a newly expanded factory and state of the art fabrication quality, Polar Grilli, is known as the leading manufacturer of Kota Grills in Europe. We are proud to be the exclusive North American representative for Polar Grilli products.

The Kota grill comes in 3 sizes and features a wrap around shelf/table for food & drinks. The standard grill grates as well as a rotating grill basket allows for many different cooking positions, all with amazing campfire flavor. The addition of the griddle or kettle hook make The Kota Grill is a complete cooking station and gathering place for friends and family.